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We're a small group of developers who make software for the App Store and Microsoft Store. Through this blog, we aim to provide guides relating to the development of Windows and Xbox (C#, VB and XAML) and iOS and MacOS (Swift) apps. Specifically, we aim to create guides on topics for which there is not a lot of public information already available to provide a source for other developers to learn about these topics. We also aim to update our articles to keep information accurate and correct. 

We aim to write our articles in ways to help everyone understand the content - we aim to include enough detail and context on the topic covered and link to external resources to allow readers to learn more. Many of our articles also have downloadable versions of provided snippets that can be used in our app Codly. We welcome and appreciate all feedback so feel free to comment on our articles, this page and/or contact us with any feedback you have!

Also, if our site did help you and you use an AdBlocker and you want to support us, consider disabling it for this site - it's up to you of course but if you do, it will be greatly appreciated!

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