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WPF: How to enable shadows and rounded corners on ToolTips in Windows 11

Windows 11 originally came out in 2021, however, an official Windows 11 theme has not yet been released for WPF (more on that here ). Because of this, WPF apps still have more of a Windows 8/10 look. Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to modernise your WPF user interfaces . You could of course, create your own custom styles, however this can take quite a bit of work. This article covers something that can be done easily, without much work and without breaking compatibility with older operating systems. Enabling shadows and rounded corners on ToolTips WPF presents its ToolTips in seperate top level windows. This allows them to easily show on top of other content and not be limited to the size and position of its parent window. Windows 11 includes a built in feature as part of the DWM (Desktop Window Manager) that rounds top level windows. You can control this feature using the DwnSetWindowAttribute Windows function. Using this function, we can tell Windows 11 to have the DW